Mórahalom is a dynamically developing town located 20 km far from Szeged, only 12 km from the western exit of the M5 motorway, along the main road 55.

The name of the town originates from the sand dune of “Móra Halma”, which was first mentioned in 1729. The exact area of Móra is unknown, however, it is known that its eponym was the family Móra who come from Szeged-Lower Town.

Since the founding of the town, it has developed incredibly due to the hard work and strong will of its inhabitants. The local farmers of the Sand Ridge taming the “golden eyed” sand enriched their settlement, which gained town rank in 1989.





The whole administrative area of the town is 8,311 ha, its outside urban area is 7.857 ha, its urban area is 454 ha with a population of 6,035. 1,587 of these inhabitants live in outside urban areas (farms).

The first industrial park of the Southern Great Plain was established here, the first qualified producing and selling union was organised here, more and more industrial workplaces are being created through small- and medium enterprise development programmes, the service sector is developing at a small regional level, and based on medical tourism a spa town has been established on the Sand Ridge region within an arm’s length from Szeged.
he widest settlement range of the Small Region cooperation involves The Small Region Developmental Association of the Sand Ridge Self-governments, 13 member settlements in Csongrád and 2 settlements in Bács-Kiskun county. The association has been in operation since 1995.
The Association of the Region Development of the Sand Ridge Self-governments was established with the cooperation of 13 settlements in Csongrád county in 1996.




In 2013 districts and district government offices were created again. One of the seven districts of Csongrád county is that of Mórahalom’s. The building of the district office is situated in Mórahalom, including the nine settlements of the region together with the community of Zsombó. Due to the closeness of the border, Mórahalom is well-known for the people of Vojvodina, as well as visitors can encounter the cross-border natural treasures of the Landscape Protection Area of Kőrös-ér.






Among the tourist attractions, the main attraction is the St. Elizabeth's Spa, which is a great opportunity for both young and old. The spa awaits visitors in the winter and summer, with 21 pools, indoor and outdoor slides and saunas. Apart from the spa you can meet many sights that visit our town.
In the centre of Mórahalom, at 5 Zákányszék Road, a strudel making workshop has been created to show the gastronomic speciality of Hungary, and behind the building complex the guests can visit an open air look-out and consumer square.
Besides traditional strudels, unique ones can also be purchased in the Strudel House. Strudel filled with pumpkin, cabbage, salty cottage cheese and sour cherry-cottage cheese are available. Also, visitors can buy cheese and sesame seed sticks. The bull field is located on the road connecting Mórahalom with Röszke, 5 km far from the Mórahalom, where the visitors can watch the days of the bull herd from look-out towers
For those who like history, the Thousand Years Park awaits you, where the architectural symbols and historical monuments of the ancient Hungary come to life in the form of mock-ups. And if you want to relax in the city, the Bivaly Bowling Club & Bar offers an excellent opportunity not only for fine food and drinks, but also for bowling, air hockey and other games. And our art jewelery box is the Kolo Serbian Cultural Center, which is a venue for traditional and modern stage performances, concerts, concerts, exhibitions, and Balkan culture.






Buba Busz Points of interest help you discover:
-Tourist office offers guided tours and other organized programs
-Electric sightseeing minibus








Twin citys:
-Poland: Uniejow
-Germany: Chamerau
-Norway: Evje Og Hornnes –
-Italy: Fiumablo and Pievepelago
-Romania: Transylvania-Szeklerland: Miercurea Ciuc -Romania: Transylvania-Timisoara Banat: Zsombolya
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